Have you Tried the Revolutionary Hirzl Trust Control Glove that is Ideal for All-Weather Conditions?

Gary from Hirzl discusses their glove line with Morton Golf.  Hirzl offers glove technology that no other manufacturer is utilizing.

Hirzl Trust Control Glove
Made with kangaroo leather which is one of the strongest leathers in the world.  This kangaroo leather is treated with Grip Technlogy which is added during the tanning process.  What does Grip Technology do?  It will give you three times better grip in dry conditions.  In wet conditions, this glove will work even better and will give you tremendous grip.  This glove is a high performance glove that is perfect for wet AND dry conditions.  You no longer need a glove that is only good in wet weather or only works when it is dry.  This glove is ideal in ALL weather conditions.  Furthermore, it is machine washable and will last for dozens of rounds of golf.  Click HERE to purchase this glove online at www.MortonGolfSales.com or come into Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop to try it on for yourself.

Hirzl Soft Flex Cabretta Glove
Hirzl takes cabretta leather and treats it with a 72-step manufacturing process that allows Hirzl to have the softest glove that will stay at the top level of peak performance for much longer than other cabretta gloves on the market.  This cabretta glove is also machine washable.

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