Golf Tip – How to gain more club head speed or power with your driver

Watch Danielle Nash, Teaching Professional at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex on the tip of the week!

Are you looking to gain more club head speed and power with your driver? Watch Danielle’s golf tip to do just that! A lot of players tend to decelerate through impact. In order to gain more power, players need to excelerate through impact.

A drill Danielle likes to use for practice is take your driver and flip it around, so the grip is pointed to the ground. Take a few practice swings and listen to the ‘swoosh’ noise. If you notice the ‘swoosh’ is back behind the ball, there is a good chance you are decelerating and your not turning your lower body. We want to hear the ‘swoosh’ noise through impact and towards the target.

Danielle’s approach to teaching students varies depending on the person; no player is the same. She believes the talent is in the player, and she wants to help educate students on why they do what they do. Teaching the fundamentals and taking the time to listen to the student is very important to her. She is a firm believer in practice with a purpose and uses drills to keep the game exciting. Danielle’s experience as an amateur player taught her the value of a strong mental game and the importance of strength and flexibility. Whether you’re just starting to play the game or you’re a bit more advanced, Danielle wants to help you reach your goals. She values the tradition of the game, and she wants to share that with her students. Danielle is also the assistant golf coach for Saint Francis High School.

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