Golf just got easier with the new Cobra Max Line of Clubs In-Store Today!

COBRA MAX is Cobra Golf’s longest, easiest to hit family of clubs featuring designs that help to deliver easy high launch and easy straight ball flight.


The COBRA® MAX driver is Cobra’s longest, easiest to hit driver featuring designs that help to deliver easy high launch and easy straight ball flight. A large address, low profile 460cc head with a thin face and slight offset helps golfers with slower swing speeds play much more consistent golf.

COBRA_MAX_COMBO_IRONS-st-2TThe driver has a shallow face with a strong offset and weighting to promote a draw bias. The size of the head is the largest allowed by the USGA, maxing out the ratio of the head’s width to its depth-length. The Max driver has the company’s speed channel for minimal face thickness. The driver is available in 9.5-, 10.5- and 11.5-degree offset options.

The driver technology carries through the fairway wood line, with 3-, 5- and 7-wood options, as well hybrids, coming in 3-7 hybrid options.

The Cobra Max irons use the new TECFLO (Technology Enhanced Cavity Feel Launch Optimization) system to create a progressive set with technologies to improve mid- and long-iron performance while allowing scoring clubs to perform in a more traditional manner. Long and mid-irons (4–8) feature a dual cavity design with a hollow lower half section that delivers a lower and deeper Center of Gravity meaning you get easy launch with extreme forgiveness in every shot.

In the eight-piece iron-only set, the 4-8 irons are half-hollow designs, while the 9-iron and pitching wedge have a deep undercut cavity-back design. The gap wedge has a muscleback shape and looks like a tour-style wedge. The combo set replaces the 4-6 irons with hybrids. All of the irons have weaker lofts to improve launch conditions, helping players get the ball in the air faster.

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