Get To Know Your Pro: 10 Questions with PGA Professional Katie Robinson

Today, Katie Robinson is answering 10 questions in our Get to Know Your Pro Series.

Katie_Robinson-150x150Katie Robinson was born and raised in Southern California. At the age of 10, she started playing golf as a way to spend time with her dad. He instilled in her the importance of honesty, respect, and good sportsmanship through this great game.

When it comes to teaching, her approach is to build her lesson plans to meet the player’s individual goals. A player’s swing can vary depending on the player’s physical ability so it’s important to take all criteria into consideration when designing a lesson plan. Fundamentals are keys to the start of a good golf swing and correctly practicing the fundamentals is the best way to improve a player’s game. It’s also important to sharpen a player’s fundamentals while building new skills. Katie’s goal for students is to improve their game so they can enjoy this wonderful game all their life.

All right, let’s put Katie on the hot seat and see her answers to our 10 questions.

B: If golf had a walkup song to the 1st tee, like in baseball, what would be yours and why?

K: Let me pull this up. It’s called Levitate by Hadouken. That would be my walkup song.

B: First golf club you ever bought?

K: My dad bought me a junior set when I was around 11 years old, brand doesn’t exist anymore.

B: Who taught you how to golf?

K: Initially my dad first taught me. Then Mike Mcnary.

B: How many pairs of golf shoes do you own?

K: Three.

B: Lowest round ever shot?

K: 72 at Oak Quary in Riverside area. So Cal.

B: What is your least favorite thing to do on a golf course?

K: (Laughing) That’s vague. Wait.

B: Favorite Golfers past or present.? 

K: The past would have to be Annika Sorenstam. She also influenced me the most. And Jordan Spieth for the present.

B: Favorite Course to Play?

K: Oak Quarry is still my favorite. Winchester Country Club, if you’re talking local.

B: Who’s swing would you like to have and why?

K: My own because I worked hard for it.

B: Favorite club in your bag?

K: My 5 wood.

B: Why?

K:When you’re a short hitter you have to rely on longer clubs to get you down the fairway.

B: If you weren’t a golf professional, what would you be doing for a living?

K: Fashion Designer or Real Estate Broker.

Thanks, Katie for answering all 10 questions!

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