Get Golf Ready Fore Women

Ladies! Are you looking to learn the game of golf this year or want too take your game to the next level? Haggin Oaks has the perfect class for you.

Our get golf ready programs for women are taught by two fantastic women instructors, Katie Robinson and Danielle Nash. If you are new to the game of golf we recommend starting with the Get Golf Ready Fore Women class that is five sixty minute sessions. This class is geared around having fun while providing more one on one time with the golf coach for a deeper understanding of the short game and golf swing as well as how to prepare to play on the golf course. A schedule of the Get Golf Ready Classes For Women

Get Golf Ready Fore Women 2016 Class Schedule
Dates Day(s) Time
March 31 – April 28 Thursday 4:00 – 5:00 PM
May 15 – June 12 Sunday 2:00 – 3:00 PM

Get course ready is the next step in the program geared around actually playing the game and lowering your scores on the golf course. The sessions will cover short game, full swing and on-course management. Golfers looking to feel more comfortable playing on the course and beginning to intermediate golfers looking to lower their scores are encouraged to participate in this class.

To sign up for one of these classes click HERE or call the golf concierge at 916-808-2531.

Get Course Ready Fore Women 2016 Class Schedule
Dates Day(s) Time
May 21 – June 11 Saturday 9:00 – 10:00 AM

After completing Get Course Ready or having on course experience the next step is to take Get Game Ready. The first available all women Get Game Ready isn’t until August, but it’s never too early to sign up! Classes focus on golfs 3 essential skill sets which include driving, wedging and putting. Participants will understand ball control and how to transfer practice results to the course.

To sign up for one of these classes click HERE or call the golf concierge at 916-808-2531.

Get Game Ready Fore Women 2016 Class Schedule
Dates Day(s) Time
August 7 – August 28 Sunday 2:00 – 3:00 PM

A little more about the Get Golf Ready Fore Women Instructors:

DanielleNash_150_2Danielle Nash, Teaching Professional

Danielle’s approach to teaching students varies depending on the person; no player is the same. She believes the talent is in the player, and she wants to help educate students on why they do what they do. Teaching the fundamentals and taking the time to listen to the student is very important to her. She is a firm believer in practice with a purpose and uses drills to keep the game exciting. Danielle’s experience as an amateur player taught her the value of a strong mental game and the importance of strength and flexibility. Whether you’re just starting to play the game or you’re a bit more advanced, Danielle wants to help you reach your goals. She values the tradition of the game, and she wants to share that with her students. Danielle is also the assistant golf coach for Saint Francis High School.


Katie_Robinson_150Katie Robinson, PGA Professional

When it comes to teaching, Katie’s approach is to build her lesson plans to meet the player’s individual goals. A player’s swing can vary depending on the player’s physical ability so it’s important to take all criteria into consideration when designing a lesson plan. Fundamentals are keys to the start of a good golf swing and correctly practicing the fundamentals is the best way to improve a player’s game. It’s also important to sharpen a player’s fundamentals while building new skills. Katie’s goal for students is to improve their game so they can enjoy this wonderful game all their life.


To sign up for one of these classes click HERE or call the golf concierge at 916-808-2531.

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