FREE Lesson Tip for Perfecting the Flop Shot with Frank LaRosa

ESPN 1320’s Frank LaRosa, host of the Golf to Go Program, talks about the importance of your palm position in the grip when it comes to perfecting the flop shot.

Most golf professionals will tell you that when chipping or pitching, you should get the ball on the green and let it roll to the hole. What do you do if a direct line to the green isn’t available? Perhaps there is a tree branch or other obstacle blocking your path or perhaps the shot is uphill. This is when you would use the flop shot.

LaRosa shares this technique to practice the flop shot. If you are a right hander, weaken your left hand grip by turning your hand under the club so your palm faces skyward. Now, the clubface remains open through the hitting zone giving you a shot that flies higher and lands shorter.

Give this tip a try on the range and experiment with different hand postions under the club. Then take your new skill out on the course!

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