Free 2 Ball Sleeve of New Chrome Soft Golf Balls from Callaway with ANY Callaway Chrome Soft Purchase

Purchase any Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball Dozen and Get a FREE 2-Ball Sleeve of the New and Improved Chrome Soft Golf Ball.

The new Chrome Soft takes a ball that has completely redefined golf ball performance and elevates it to another level. It has the proprietary Dual SoftFast Core™ for fast ball speed from the driver, 4-piece construction leading to even more control throughout the bag, low compression for extremely soft feel, and a Tour Urethane Cover.

chromesoftballIt lets you compress the ball on iron shots for incredibly soft feel, and gives you more spin and pinpoint accuracy from 100 yards and in. And optimized HEX Aerodynamics makes the ball flight even better in all conditions. With Chrome Soft, you’re getting more ball speed off the tee, more control from your scoring clubs, and incredibly soft feel.

Come in to Haggin Oaks Golf Shop or the Bing Maloney Pro Shop from February 5 – February 29, 2016 and receive a FREE 2-Ball Sleeve with purchase of any Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball!

Can’t make it in to the store? We have the same great deal going on at From February 5 – February 29, 2016 order any dozen Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls and receive a FREE 2-ball sleeve. Click HERE to shop online.

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  1. Montree says: | Reply

    May I share my idea : How to Search the Best Golf Ball?

    With the advent of modern day technology, golf balls fly farther and roll further than they ever had before. With new multilayer golf ball technology, you can decrease the amount of greens you miss and increase the amount of carry get off the tee. At face value golf balls seem like a very simple piece of sporting equipment, but if you cut one in half and really look inside, there is ingenious technology at work.

    Most manufacturers will make specific kinds of golf balls for specific types of players. If you are lacking with either distance, spamming, or accuracy, then there is absolutely a golf ball on the market that can really help your game.


    Many players put an emphasis on distance when talking about how their golf game is improving. The farther a person can hit it, the better a golfer they think they become. Now, whether or not this is true, golf ball manufacturers have come out with groundbreaking technology that can be game changing for any player. The reason why manufacturers construct golf balls that go farther than ever before, is that with multilayer core technology the golf ball more dynamically compresses and launch at a faster velocity. It is not uncommon for an amateur golfer to pick a better golf ball that suits his game and in turn gain between 5 and 10 yards.


    Along with providing more distance, the multilayer core technology has caused golf balls to become more accurate. The reason that golf balls have become more accurate is that nowadays, when they are struck off the tee, multi core technology causes the ball to rotate less to the left and right. This means for the everyday golfer, if you have a tendency to slice the ball, with new golf balls your slice will travel less off-line. This is great news for players looking to get the most out of the golf ball that they are playing. If you want to be more accurate with every club in your bag, you should seriously consider going out and looking for a more modern golf ball.

    Price Point

    Between the different golf ball manufacturers there is going to be a broad range of prices per golf ball. Game improvement type balls are going to run you a lot less money than a more professional type golf ball will. Golf balls specifically designed to provide more distance will be cheaper and more readily available than golf balls designed to increase spin and improve control. The less experienced player is recommended to buy and start off with a cheaper golf alternative and then slowly transition to more expensive golf balls. Higher-end balls can cost you upwards of five dollars per ball.


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