Frank LaRosa with Golf to Go and SKLZ Training Aids

Frank LaRosa with Golf to Go recently talked to David Knox with SKLZ on a few of their best selling golf training aids. SKLZ produces a wide variety of golf specific training aids to address a golfer’s desire for greater accuracy, to improve distance, and to improve putting skills and overall fitness.

The Gyro Swing is a highly rated product that can help improve the golf swing by delaying the release. The gyroscope in the club head forces your swing to stay on the correct swing plane. According to LaRosa, “After about 3 swings, it really does groove your swing.”

A newer product offering from SKLZ is the Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Trainer (Retail: $69.99).  This training tool is designed to help you with your warm-up, your rythm and to keep you from casting. It also encourages a flatter swing plane.

A product reminiscent of the vastly popular Medicus is the SKLZ version known as the Refiner Driver (starting at $79.99). This hinged training device is engineered to teach a smooth, even-tempo golf swing. The adjustable-hinged club will “break” if there is a flaw in the swing and the grip encourages ideal hand placement on the club.

SKLZ training devices can be found at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex in Sacramento, CA. To order, call 916-808-2525.

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