FootGolf World Cup Update in Morocco!

Where in the world is Nick Wallace?? Oh, right. Marrakech.

We wanted to keep everyone in the loop and share any updates we’ve found so we’re happy to report all the neat news we’ve found straight from Marrakech!

Can you spot Nick Wallace??
(Answer: bottom left end!)

We’re obviously trying to keep tabs on Nick Wallace in his FootGolf World Cup adventures. So far he hasn’t been spotted on video, but there have been excellent updates on FootGolf World Cup’s Facebook Page.

Without further ado, here are links and videos on the stats for Team USA!

In the end, FootGolf skills are so impressive. It’s almost like being in a “Honey I Blew Up The Kid” movie but it’s a “Honey I Blew Up the Golf Ball.” You’re welcome, Disney for the free idea. 

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