FootGolf World Cup 2016 to be Played in Argentina January 7 – 10

The Second Edition of the FootGolf World Cup will be held in Argentina, at the Pilar Golf Club near Buenos Aires from January 7 to 10, 2016.

pilaro_oldThe 2nd Annual Footgolf World Cup is scheduled for January 7-10 in Argentina. There are still spots available on the US World Cup Team, but only two more qualifying tournaments to play.

footgolf_worldcup16The Schedule for the FootGolf World Cup

– Wednesday 6th: Welcome Dinner – Asado Argentino (Argentine National Dish)
– Thursday 7th: Practice Day
– Friday 8th: 1st Day of competition – 18 holes Medal Play
– Saturday 9th: 2nd Day of competition – 18 holes Medal Play / 9 holes Teams Competition (4 per country)
– Sunday 10th: 3rd Day of competition – 18 holes Medal Play / Match Play Final Teams Competition (the 2 best countries from Saturday)

Please note: Monday 11th or Tuesday 12th will be available in case of lost days of competition due to bad weather. So, the World Cup Committee advises all players to book their flights from January 5th to January 13th at a minimum.

Important information for the players
– The competition will be played on an 18 holes – Par 72 FootGolf course.
– Player’s fees will be waived to lower participation costs.
– No prize money will be offered to players, unless enough sponsorship funds are available.
– Each player brings his own football, unless a technical sponsors provides them. Players would not have to pay for these balls.

Important information for the Nations
– Each nation must be affiliated to FIFG – Members of Federation for International FootGolf before 2015 can bring up to 16 players to represent its country. The new countries that join the international Federation in 2015, can enter a maximum of 4 players.
– The official competition has only the “Men” category. Countries are welcomed to include women in the group of 16 but they will not have a separate competition.


The US FootGolf Tour 2015 will qualify a total of 12 players to represent the US in the most important FootGolf event in the world. In November 2015, the National Championship to be played near Palm Springs, CA will qualify 3 more players. One more spot will remain open until December 2015, to complete the US National FootGolf Team of 16.

– 9 American Players are part of the FootGolf Team USA, already.
– 3 more will join during the Cup of Nations (You can register at
– 3 will have to opportunity to make history at the US National FootGolf Championship 2015 to be organized by the AFGL this Fall in the Midwest.
– 1 final Team USA player will be designed by the AFGL Leadership in November 2015.

Think you have what it takes to qualify for the Argentina 2016 FootGolf World Cup?

Click HERE to register as a player in the FootGolf Cup of the Nations.

The tournament is open to all FootGolfers. Divisions, classes or flights may be established within the competition. Each player will be required to pay the posted entry fee in advance in order to be entered in the competition. Entries may be accepted up to the start of play based on availability. Players are required to wear appropriate attire at all times and bring their own ball.

Interested, but just want to check it out from the sidelines?
Spectators will be permitted on course to observe the competition. There is no charge for admission. Spectators are not permitted to ride in golf carts at any time and are not allowed to communicate with players on the course. Food & Beverage will be available for purchase at the facility. Spectators are invited to participate in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies at an extra charge.

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The FootGolf Cup of the Nations will be held at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex August 14 – 16, 2015.

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