First Time Fridays – What All the Different Clubs Do

First Time Fridays is a new summer video series for beginners to get the inside scoop about how to look and feel like a golfer.

First Time Fridays is back and we have an exciting video this week! This is new summer series brought to you by Kathryn Newton, Golf Digest and Morton Golf. We will give you the inside scoop on how to look and feel like a golfer for all you beginners out there. Golf is an intimidating sport so we want to make it easier for you to feel comfortable from the get-go. Today, learn about What All the Different Clubs Do.

You may be thinking what’s the purpose for having so many? It may seem like a lot but each club has a different purpose and length that it can go. FYI, rules state that you aren’t allowed more than 14 clubs in your bag. But trust us; you won’t need more than that. Now let’s find out what each club does.

Driver: The driver has the biggest head and is usually always the longest club in your bag. Length of club is important for determining how far it goes. Driver is usually the first club you will hit off the tee on par 4 and 5’s, possibly even a really long par 3. The driver is not easy to hit without a tee since head is so big so best advice is to only use on the tee box.

Fairway woods: Notice those other clubs that look like a driver? These are the driver mini-me’s. fairway woods. They are designed to get ball in air without a tee. They are a little shorter than the driver but can go pretty far distances.

Hybrids: Some think they easier to hit, but it’s all personal preference. Hybrids can replace long irons like a 5 iron or a fairway wood, so they are pretty versatile. They can also fill a length that you can’t seem to get with an iron or fairway.

Irons: Now Kathryn doesn’t get into explaining the irons since she has more in store for you in a few weeks but just to get an idea of what irons do, they are the shorter clubs used to get down the fairway and onto the green. They are labeled 6-9 and are meant to be used by the lower number for the further you are out and go up as you get closer to the green.

Putter: Your putter is the club you use on the putting green for the softer shots to make the ball go into the hole. There are different options for putters such as a blade or a mallet head. Once again, that is all personal preference.

Check back next week to find out “What To Do on the Green”!

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