Dun, dun… Greg Norman Shark Week from July 20-July 30

Get great deals on the Greg Norman Collection during our “Shark Week” sale! No matter what you buy $20 and up, you’ll get a free Shark Week gift. 

It’s happening again! Get great deals on that shark branded Greg Norman Collection from July 20-July 30.

What do we mean by ‘great deals?’

We mean 20% off  Greg Norman fashion attire!

Great pricing on polo basics2 for $50 ladies’ basics (or 1 for $29.99 ) and  2 for $75 men’s basics (or 1 for $39.99).*  The Ladies basics include sleeved and sleeveless and Men’s includes stripes and solids.

No matter what deal calls to you this week, you’ll get a FREE GIFT with a $20 purchase.

While you’re shopping like a shark for those deals, sign up to win Greg Norman Swag Bags! No purchase is necessary and you could be 1 of 5 lucky winners to get cool Greg Norman gear. You’ve got nothing to lose, only coolness to gain. Winners will be announced on July 31! How exciting!

*20% off applies ONLY to Greg Norman Fashion Collection and not on our basic polos.

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