CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS OF THE IMG ACADEMY JUNIOR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT: Alexander Armbruster, Aviana Vilar, Skyy Wilding, Anna Ponghathaikul, Hiroto Ozawa, Hailey Kim, Nemo Tsai, Fay Jia, Aiden Tiet, Uno Neda, Taishi Moto, Keeley Marx

The IMG ACADEMY JUNIOR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Tournament took place from July 9th – 15th. The mission of Junior World Golf is to bring together young golfers from from all across the world, provide a one-of-a-kind, premiere golf experience, and ultimately encourage cultural unity and understanding. They believe that by serving young people in this way, we are helping to give them a better chance of creating a kinder, more unified world.

Congratulations to the winners of the IMG ACADEMY JUNIOR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT: Boys 6 & Under: Alexander Armbruster (1st Place), Sean Wilding (2nd Place), Konosuke Yamada (T3rd Place), Zac Wolfe (T3rd Place), Girls 6 & Under: Aviana Vilar (1st Place), Zizi Townsend (2nd Place), Siobhan Niu (3rd Place), Boys 7-8: Skyy Wilding (1st Place), Pichapat Siripadungtham (2nd Place), Yuma Yoshimatsu (3rd Place), Girls 7-8: Anna Ponghathaikul (1st Place), Natsuki Takahashi (T2nd Place), Lilo Tsai (T2nd Place), Boys 9-10: Hiroto Ozawa (1st Place), Takrit Supagonchoowong (T2nd Place), Axel Monssoh (T2nd Place), Girls 9-10: Hailey Kim (1st Place), Ayaka Motomura (T2nd Place), Sabrina Wong (T2nd Place), Boys 11-12: Nemo Tsai (1st Place), Yuma Nemoto (2nd Place), Hiroki Ishiguchi (3rd Place), Girls 11-12: Fay Jia (1st Place), Clairey Lin (2nd Place), Arisa Bintachitt (T3rd Place), Rina Kawasaki (T3rd Place), Evyn Cannon (T3rd Place), Boys 13-14: Aiden Tiet (1st Place), Koshin Nagasaki (T2nd Place), North Chery (T2nd Place), Girls 13-14: Uno Neda (1st Place), Anna Iwanaga (2nd Place), Louise Landgraf (3rd Place), Boys 15-18: Taishi Moto (1st Place), Jye Halls (T2nd Place), Boston Bracken (T2nd Place), Girls 15-18: Keeley Marx (1st Place), Raya Nakao (2nd Place), Sammie Miller (T3rd Place), Kelli Ann Strand (T3rd Place)

Boys 6 & Under

Girls 6 & Under

Boys 7- 8

Girls 7-8

Boys 9-10

Girls 9-10

Boys 11-12

Girls 11-12

Boys 13-14

Girls 13-14

Boys 15-18

Girls 15-18

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