Come Out for the Cleveland Tech Van and Get Fit Like a Pro

If you are going to invest in your golf game, then it is worth your time to get custom fit for your next set of clubs. A set of irons out of the box is for the typical golfer. For the “typical” male golfer, this gentleman is ~5’10” tall with a 15 handicap, and he hits his 6-iron approximately 130-160 yards. Of course, you might get lucky with a set off the rack, or you may find yourself ill-fitted to the investment you just made to fill in your golf bag. You may find yourself changing your golf swing to compensate for your set and the results won’t be ideal. Looking for a better solution?

Let the experts from Cleveland Golf custom fit you for your new set of CG16 irons, wedges or Launcher driver. You’ll see the difference in your golf game once you get properly fitted for your clubs. Cleveland Golf will have their Tour Tech Sprinter Van at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop (3645 Fulton Avenue in Sacramento) doing FREE golf club fittings on the following dates:

Saturday, September 10th 11a to 5p

Friday, September 16th 11a to 5p

Sunday, September 18th 11a to 5p

Come on out and ask the specialists any technical questions you may have on the new Cleveland products. There is no better opportunity to find out which club specifications are best for you and your game. Call 916-808-2531 to schedule an appointment.

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