Cave Infested Golf Course!

Most golfers have a favorite hazard, such as a water hazard, bunker, etc. Most golfers probably would not respond with an ancient Mayan subterranean cavern as their favorite hazard.

Nonetheless, a golf course exists with a “cenote” on the first fairway. This is a prestigious course as well, known as El Camaleon Golf Course.

Located in Mexico, the El Camaleon Golf Course was designed by the legendary golfer, Greg Norman. The course winds a total of 7,039 yards through the beautiful landscape around Mayakoba.

It is far from a cursed Indiana-Jones-level facility.

The facility includes a training facility, a 350-yard driving range, and a full-service club house. The course straddles the Atlantic ocean, which creates some truly breathtaking scenery and partially enables the cenotes that make the course so special.

Cenotes are special subterranean formations that occur when the limestone bedrock collapses and exposes groundwater. These features are mostly found in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

Historically, these features were used as a source of water for the ancient Mayan civilizations. These sights were also occasionally used for ritual sacrifices, which only adds to their mystique.

One of these incredible formations can famously be found on the first hole fairway of El Camaleon Golf Course. 

Amazingly, this course has become the first PGA Golf Course in Latin America, since the first Mayakoba Golf Classic in 2007.

The course winds itself through three distinct landscapes of jungles, mangroves, and oceanfront views. It is truly an unbelievable course to behold and one to visit if you ever find yourself in the region.

Be sure to check out this beautiful and mesmerizing course with one-of-a-kind features!

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