An Interview with Putter Designer Robert Bettinardi

Robert Bettinardi is a true craftsman and artisan. He is the owner and founder of Bettinardi Golf and has developed a reputation for making some of the finest milled putters in the world. Bettinardi putters are treasured by Tour players and collectors alike. He is an engineer and master miller who began crafting One-Piece Technology putters in the ’90’s.

Robert Bettinardi will be at the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo at 9am on Saturday, April 30th on the Game Improvement Stage where he will be presenting his seminar, Get Your Masters Degree in Putting – Putter Design & Fitting 101. Our own Jennifer Morton recently had an opportunity to interview Robert Bettinardi.

Jennifer Morton: 2010 was the first year Bettinardi Golf has been fully independent from partnerships with other companies having ended your relationship with Mizuno. What was this last year like for the retail line in particular and the brand in general?
Robert Bettinardi: 2010 was our 1st back,… it really proved to be a great year..we had projections for sales and exceeded all of them in every category…thus the air of excitement for 2011.

JM: Any PGA, LPGA, Champions Tour or International PGA Tour players playing any of the putters currently?
RB: Brian Gay, Sean Ohair, Henrik Stenson, Ikeeda Yukota, Matt Kuchar, Jason Gore and Chad Collins to name a few.

JM: What putter does Mr. Bob Bettinardi have in his bag? Are you the type to switch putters often or have you maintained a favorite putter for years?
RB: I play a bb-7 3/4 – cool as can be… [and] I stay with putters usually.

JM: You guys develop lots of special edition one-of-a-kind putters. If you were to pick a favorite putter that ever came out from the Bettinardi Golf facility, what would it be?
RB: Probably the Ryder Cup putter that we nano engraved the American flag on the face….everybody that sees it is totally blown away..

JM: Where do you draw inspiration that you take into account for your new and future putter designs?

RB: Most inspiration comes from the Tour… [I’ll] go out to the Tour quite often and come back with thoughts and ideas from the best…but it takes the best to put that to metal, that’s [me] in a nutshell.

JM: What are the most exciting new introductions for 2011?
RB: Probably all of the studio stock putters      

JM: What’s the future hold for Bettinardi?
RB: Bettinardi is in the midst of doubling sales from 2010..incredible!

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