Adjustable Flip Face Putters Debut From Odyssey

Innovative, rotatable system allows golfers to quickly change the putter’s face insert

Callaway Golf Company announced the retail availability of the new Odyssey® Flip Face™ line of adjustable putters. The Flip Face Putter features an innovative, patented system that allows golfers to change the face insert of the putter quickly and easily to fine-tune feel and performance. With the introduction of Flip Face, Odyssey, the #1 Putter in Golf®, further extends club customization options to all golfers, and meets an increasing demand for adjustable equipment that dials in a golfer’s game.

By using a screwdriver that doubles as a divot tool, golfers can unscrew a single component in the self-contained putter head to seamlessly rotate the putter face 180 degrees, allowing them to choose between two inserts-the new Metal-X® Insert or the popular White Ice® Insert. The two-sided putter face allows players to adjust their Odyssey putter for feel, speed and roll characteristics based on course and weather conditions.

“Engineering the Flip Face Putter to be a self-contained and conforming piece of adjustable equipment while also performing to the standards of the world’s best players was not a simple task,” said Austie Rollinson, Principal Designer, Odyssey Golf. “But we love a daunting challenge at Odyssey, and we think the Flip Face – with both a Metal-X and White Ice Insert – offers golfers a considerable advantage to dial in their game with a simple adjustment made before the round begins.”

Featuring a satin chrome finish for a clean, premium look, the Flip Face Putter will be available in three popular Odyssey models: the #1, a rounded heel-toe weighted blade putter with a crank-neck hosel and full-shaft offset; the #5, a rounded mallet putter with a single bend shaft and full-shaft offset; and the #9, a toe-weighted, heel-shafted, flanged blade putter with a long hosel and half-shaft offset.

Among the early adopters to Flip Face was PGA Tour Professional Stuart Appleby, who put the #5 model in play early in the 2012 season. “I really like the look of the Flip Face, and it reminds me of the license plates on James Bond’s car that used to flip around,” Appleby said. “I like the Metal-X insert so much; I love that firm feel. But it’s nice having the option to switch to the White Ice insert if you want to.”

“I also think it shows that Odyssey as a brand is always pushing to develop new things and leading the way when it comes to putter innovation,” Appleby said. “It’s a very cool design.”

Each Flip Face Putter comes standard with a Lamkin® 3GEN® Pistol Grip, made of Lamkin’s proprietary 3GEN material, which is their softest synthetic rubber compound and reduces vibration without dulling the feel of the putt. The material allows golfers to keep their forearms relaxed, apply very light grip pressure, and minimize hand tension for smooth, consistent strokes.

The Flip Face putters are available now for a new product introduction retail price of $349. Click HERE for more information or to order online at FREE Shipping offer on orders over $50.

About the Metal-X Insert
With a lightweight aluminum face in front of a urethane backer layer, the Metal-X Insert provides golfers the crisp feedback of a metal striking surface with the benefits of a softer feel for optimal touch. Additionally, the lightweight aluminum outer layer on the Metal-X Insert has a face pattern unlike any other putter in golf, with oval depressions that create a mechanical lock with the ball’s pocked surface at impact. This mechanical lock creates more friction, which delivers a lower launch with optimized topspin for reduced skidding and the truest roll through steady ball deceleration. The urethane inner layer provides soft touch and saves weight to optimize performance. Together, the two layers combine for crisp responsiveness and sound.

About the White Ice Insert 
Developed in tandem with Tour Pros and in step with evolving golf ball technology, Odyssey’s multi-layer White Ice Insert has been fine tuned in the Flip Face line of putters to enhance sound, responsiveness and consistency. Already wildly popular on Tour and among amateur golfers, White Ice’s inner core is firmer and stiffer to enhance feel and resiliency, supporting distance control. Additionally, the insert’s face surface has been roughened to increase friction with softer golf balls, promoting a better forward roll and a more appealing sound at impact.

Odyssey is the number one putter across the world’s major professional tours in wins, usage and top-10 finishes.

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