A Hole-in-One for the Holidays

John Lillis was recently fitted for a new set of PING G20 irons with Matt Young at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop. What were the results? Pretty good, I think. John got a hole-in-one on his first swing with his brand new fitted irons! How sweet is that?

Haggin Oaks Club-Fitter Matt Young writes about the fitting and John’s hole-in-one experience on his popular blog, My Life on the Green. Here’s an excerpt from Matt’s article in John’s own words:

I received the new clubs at my house on Sat.,12/17/11 and didn’t have time to even hit a shot with them. I played the next day and did not have time to hit any warm up shots and with the frost delay rode with my friend, Steve Rhodes, to join three other golfers waiting on the 15th tee.

I was second to play and chose a 7 iron. I hit the ball exactly where I wanted it to go and it rolled from right to left approximately 15 feet and dropped into the hole!!!!!

Click HERE to read the full story on Matt’s blog, My Life on the Green. To schedule your fitting with Matt, call the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop at 916-808-2531. Matt Young writes,  “I can’t guarantee that you will have this same experience but I am sure that we can get you into the right equipment that is built properly for you.”

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