A Big Shipment of FootJoy Shoes Arrived at Pro Shop!

Hottest selling FootJoy shoe now on clearance.

Glamour shot

The FootJoy gods have granted a miracle: a hefty amount of the #1 shoes on tour are finally at the Haggin Oaks Pro Shop. It’s been hard to keep these coveted shoes in stock due to overall high demand. FootJoy has only been able to ship a few at a time– but now they’ve arrived.

 Not only are we carrying good stock; they’re also on clearance. Check out the savings:

Normally this shoe is $159.99, now it’s $109.98

Model #53596 in White/Gold

Normally this shoe is $189.99, now it’s $129.98.

So what are you waiting for? We may have them in stock, but these attractive shoes aren’t going to be here for long!

The Haggin Oaks Pro Shop is open from dawn til 4pm or so. Shop this incredible deal and get an amazing pair of shoes.

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