3 Startups That May Change Golf Forever

Startups have impacted nearly every industry. These innovative new companies start small, but with the power of social media, crowdfunding, and new age marketing, they can grow to colossal sizes.

Golf is historically slow to change, which means many of the industry giants, have been around for a long time. Nonetheless, new companies like Topgolf, are changing the sport.

Today we will take a look at 3 interesting startups that may change the sport forever!

1. 1PUTT

The brainchild of two millennials from England, 1PUTT strives to bring a quicker and more accessible version of golf to the masses. The founders believed that golf needs to be more exciting in order to better accommodate younger generations. The company is in fact, a new set of rules and regulations for golf.

1PUTT was first introduced onto a course in 2019. The rules regulate each course to just 9 holes. The holes are also drastically larger in order to increase the odds of a “1 Putt”. Furthermore, each golfer is regulated to a mere 5 golf clubs. This both quickens gameplay, but also adds strategy into choosing which 5 clubs you should select for a given course. The final hole in these tournaments ends in a “shootout” in front of all the participants and onlookers.

Overall, the startup looks to bring a new type of golf to the market. It will be interesting to see if these new rules see success in England and eventually make their way

overseas to the United States. If you are interested in learning more about 1PUTT checkout their website HERE.

2. Hole19

Founded in 2011, Hole19 is well on its way to becoming a staple for golfers around the globe. The company has built an app, which strives to improve golf performance and foster a worldwide golfing community.

The main selling point is that the app provides an aerial view of every golf hole, with precise GPS distances from various obstacles and features. This allows a golfer to make an informed decision by knowing the exact location of everything on any hole. The app currently has over 30,000 courses included, which makes it even more usable for millions of golfers.

Another feature of the app is the real time score keeping. This allows you to share and post your golf stats to other users. Hole19 has accumulated a sizable community, which can be an excellent place to brag, find new friends, and share your golfing experiences. If you are interested in learning more, be sure to check out Hole19 HERE

3. L.A.B. Golf

L.A.B. Golf is a brand you may already be familiar with. Founded in 2009, L.A.B. Golf has set out to provide tour level customization and performance to the regular golfer.

L.A.B. golf believes that putter manufacturers have prioritized craftsmanship and style for putters over science and performance.

To combat these long standing customs and practices, L.A.B. golf has created putters using state of the art scientific and engineering techniques. Each club features a multitude of angle adjustments and customizations that is unheard of in the golf industry. Their Directed Force 2.1 and B.2 putters are truly state of the art. Now, a putter can be as individually fitting as any other club in your bag.

One of their major advancements is the use of their “Press Grip”. This grip provides a forward angle for the golf shaft as seen in the attached photo. L.A.B. Golf claims allows golfers to feel more comfortable without needing to put their hands ahead of the ball.

Overall, if you have not checked them out yet, be sure to. They are creating some truly innovative golf equipment. If you want to learn more, be sure to check them out HERE.

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