$25 Dining Card Promotion with Purchase of Select Volvik Golf Balls

We hope you’re hungry for performance! From now until November 15, 2015, any Volvik Tour premium dozen you purchase at $44.99 (Vista iV, Vista iS, S3 and S4) at Haggin Oaks will earn a $25 Dining Coupon to use at some of your favorite local restaurants!

Dining POP FINAL (1)

You can check participating restaurants in our area by entering your zip code at www.diningdough.com. Enter your zip code by clicking Browse Available Restaurants under the blue box on the main page of dining dough.com

No minimums! For every Tour premium Volvik dozen purchased will earn a $25 Dining Card coupon with a 14-code digit. If you purchase 2 dozen, you will earn two $25 dining cards

If you order at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex, the $25 coupon per $44.99 dozen purchased will be handed to you at checkout.

*Must redeem the gift certificate online at www.RedeemYourAward.com before use.

Instructions for Redemption

1. Enter the 14-digit PIN code on the certificate you receive with purchase of one $44.99 dozen at www.RedeemYourAward.com. Follow the simple directions to claim the $25 dining reward. Offer ends November 15, 2015. The expiration date for the RedeemYourAwards.com PIN code is December 31, 2015.

2. Within 7 business days of entering the PIN code, you will be emailed the qualifying DiningDough PIN# and directions to the DiningDough redemption website, www.dinhingdough.com.

3. Follow the instructions to find great restaurants near you. Add certificate(s) to you cart and checkout.

4. Print the certificate from your computer or use the mobile app and redeem it at the restaurant or the online retailer’s website. Enjoy your meal and please remember to tip your server.


Valid for dine-in only unless otherwise stated. Unredeemed gift certificates not valid toward purchase at restaurants. Limit of one (1) gift certificate at a given restaurant per party per month. Minimum spend requirements and other restrictions on the Restaurant-Special Gift

Certificates and online merchant websites vary and are subject to change. Other restrictions may apply. Good while supplies last. This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion or discount.

Visit www.diningdough.com for complete terms and conditions and participating restaurants.

*Receive $25 Coupon for Every Dozen Purchased – While Supplies Last!

Consumer Process Simplified

1. Qualify and receive the coupon at point of sale

2. Accesses www.Redeemyouraward.com by Dec. 31st 2015 and enter code on the coupon

3. Complete the Redeemyouraward.com process to claim code and receive email the live DiningDough code and instructions for redemption.

4. Enter DiningDough code at DiningDough.com

a. Enter zip code

b. Choose restaurant

c. Print specific restaurant certificate

d. Take the certificate to restaurant and present it with bill for the savings

Haggin Oaks is located at 3645 Fulton Avenue in Sacramento, CA. Call 916-808-2526 for more information on this promotion.

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