Denielle Mills

Woman Golfer in front of tee in blue and white polo shirt

Denielle is a new merchandiser at Haggin Oaks Super Shop.  She makes it a point to pay attention to the details that keep things fresh, new and pleasing to every eye!  Her goal and hope for herself every day is keep learning new things and continue striving to be the best and most creative version of herself she can be.  She comes from an avid golf family and thinks that the game of golf is timeless and classic. Denielle keeps busy with her team at home.  Family is everything to her and her favorite place to be is wherever they are! She has been married to her husband for almost 20 years. Her two teenagers are multi -sport athletes and very involved in high school activities.  Busy for her is an understatement , but she loves it all and soaks it in every day . A simple life is a beautiful life and she is grateful for her friends and family that bring her peace and joy.