Youth Summer Camps for Bing Maloney and William Land Golf Courses

As summer approaches, we know that one of the things most likely near the top of your priority list is to find things that will keep your kids busy and entertained this summer.

And on top of that, maybe you’re even thinking you want them to continue to learn and grow (in a fun way, of course. It is summer).

This is where our youth golf summer camps for both William Land and Bing Maloney golf courses come in handy!

This year we have summer camps offered for 5 to 17-year-old children, Monday through Thursday all throughout the summer but we skip fourth of July week.

We have single day options rather than purchasing a week-long summer camp you can purchase a one-day option, a four-day option, a 16-day option, or all summer long so that you can make whatever level commitment that you and your child are comfortable with.

You can even buy a single day, try it out, and then signup for longer when they come back and tell you how fun it was!

During our summer camps, we use a well thought out plan of action that allows your kids to play a ton of games whether it’s a golf-related, physically related, or just a great icebreaker for them. These games and activities are specifically designed for their age group and skill level so that no matter where they are at, they are able to learn, grow and have a great time!

Beyond that, however, everything we do is done to foster fitness, fun, and an overall love of golf and sports in general. We even work with them to develop skills that go far beyond golf into other sports, such as hand-eye coordination, foot skills, spatial awareness and more.

No matter where they are at this is a great camp to have them try!

We have a ton of fun and the kids love them so come on out and see us this summer! Just click here learn more and register your son or daughter for the most fun camp of the summer!

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