Wilson Staff’s Popular Duo Golf Ball Now Available In High Visibility Yellow

Highly rated DUO golf ball gains market share due to low compression technology
duoChicago – January 1, 2013 – Wilson Golf, the pioneer of low compression golf ball technology, realized measurable success with its Wilson Staff DUO golf ball in 2012. At 40 compression, the lowest of any ball available to golfers on the market, the DUO has a significantly lower compression than its nearest rivals. Click HERE to order online at www.MortonGolfSales.com

By conducting intense testing on low compression technology, the engineers at Wilson Golf succeeded in busting common myths surrounding it, and proved the fact that low compression golf balls are formulated to fly as far as high compression balls while achieving the softest feel possible. Players can extract a soft, playable feel and optimal spin that provides distance off the tee and softness around the greens.

The distance players derive from this ball can be attributed to a large, rubber rich core that allows for low compression, while maintaining a high Coefficient of Restitution of 0.81. The rubber core has a 96.3% purity level, while a thinner, higher resilience cover also helps to produce more ball velocity off the clubface.

The Wilson Staff DUO ball also delivers minimal spin off the driver face to help improve yardage, but progressively higher spin rates on approach shots give optimal control. A seamless 302 dimple pattern produces consistent ball flight, while an Ionomer cover generates high-lift characteristics on tee shots and long approaches from the fairway.

The DUO Drop Test is a challenge that encourages people to drop the DUO golf ball and any competitor ball from shoulder length at the same time, visibly portraying how much faster and higher the DUO rebounds off the surface, which implies greater initial velocity off the club face for more distance. When conducting the drop test, people can also hear the difference in sound; its quieter sound indicates a softer feel and thus more control around the greens.

“Because golfers can easily compare the benefits of the DUO with regard to other balls they have played, both by conducting the DUO Drop Test as well as testing it on the course, more and more people are spreading the word about this ball and soft compression technology,” commented Mathias Lundblad, Global Product Manager of Golf Balls. “There are reasons that the popularity of the DUO has spread like wildfire, the primary one being that once golfers try the DUO, they will never have another experience like it.”

Due to its success, the DUO golf ball line will be extended to include a DUO High Visibility Yellow option. The packaging has changed slightly but still embodies the identifiable silver box.

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