Wilson Staff Offers Free Personalization Of Golf Balls

WilsonPersonalizationOfferFor Mother’s and Father’s Day this May and June, Wilson Golf is offering free premium golf ball personalization. The two-piece DUO, one of the best selling and the softest golf ball on the market at 40 compression, as well as the FG Tour and FG Tour X, the three-piece urethane covered pro balls, all qualify for free personalization.

“These three lines have all received Hot List recognition for a reason,” commented Doug Thiel, Global Director of Marketing. “The soft compression technology used to design ultimate feel and playability, paired with the demand for them in the marketplace, make them a wonderful holiday gift for all golfers.”

Any customized name or abbreviation can be labelled on the seam of the golf balls for free running now until June 5th. Consumers can access this offer through Haggin Oaks Golf Complex, Bing Maloney Golf Course or online at www.MortonGolfSales.com.

Click HERE to place your Mother’s and Father’s Day FREE personalization order now!

Participating Golf Balls Choices:

WILSO_DUO_BALLS-1Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls – $19.99

Longer. Softer. And more amazing than anything you’ve ever played. There’s no question that DUO is a true performance double take. It’s the longest ball Wilson has ever made and the softest ball on the market. Its true performance value and distinctive feel set it apart from every other distance ball. See for yourself. Take the DUO Challenge and find out why 8 out of 10 golfers who try DUO, switch. Click HERE

WILSO_FG_TOUR-1Wilson Staff FG Tour Golf Balls – $39.99

FG Tour is a multilayer urethane golf ball that delivers the same long distance and shot-control as these urethane balls with one major difference: the softest feel of any urethane ball on the market. In Tour and better-player testing, the feel of the FG Tour ball was favorably compared to wound balata balls, yet with modern durability characteristics. Click HERE

WILSO_FG_TOUR_X-1Wilson Staff FG Tour X Golf Balls – $39.99

FG Tour X is a multilayer urethane golf ball that delivers a firm feel with low spin off the driver and long irons. Delivering exceptional distance, shot-stopping spin and Tour caliber feel that fast swing speed players love. Click HERE

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