Which Callaway Chrome Soft Ball is Best for Me?

Callaway has once again diversified its Chrome Soft lineup with the addition of the newest 2021 Chrome Soft X and brand new Chrome Soft X LS variant. While this certainly increases the options for golfers, it does add some confusion.

Which Chrome Soft ball is best for you?

We have decided to answer that question and hopefully add some clarification along the way!

What are the Benefits of all Chrome Soft Balls?

Callaway’s Chrome Soft lineup has a few different unifying features.

Firstly, all three variants utilize the same hexagon-shaped dimples. These patented “HEX” dimples eliminate any flat surfaces between traditional circular dimples.

Overall, this reduces the drag of the ball. Less drag leads to further ball flight and straighter shots.

Secondly, all Chrome Soft golf balls are 4-layers and have urethane shells. This means all three could be referred to as “tour-level”. The multiple layers increase the feel and control of the ball, while the thinner, softer shell increases the spin control.

Now that we have covered the similarities let’s discuss the differences.

Callaway Chrome Soft 

The original Callaway Chrome Soft ball is excellent. It was completely reengineered in 2020 for maximum performance.

The very large inner core creates higher launch angles and reduces spin. The outer core features graphene, which increases spin control with wedges.

Likewise, the urethane cover is made from ultra-soft urethane, which makes it the softest and most forgiving ball in the chrome soft lineup.

These features culminate to make the Chrome Soft the ball of choice for low swing speeds and all golfers who commonly suffer inconsistent strikes. 

Callaway Chrome Soft X

Similar to the original Chrome Soft, the Chrome Soft X was recently redesigned in 2020. The Chrome Soft X is engineered with a dual mantled system. This system is made to create extremely high ball speed and low spin on full shots.

The soft urethane cover is harder than the regular Chrome Soft, but still maintains spin and control around the green.

The Chrome Soft X is characterized as the most workable ball in the lineup, but hence also the least forgiving. It is designed for high swing speeds and very consistent strikes.

Callaway Chrome Soft X LS

The brand new Callaway Chrome Soft X LS is new for 2021. The ball was created to somewhat bridge the gap between the Chrome Soft X and regular Chrome Soft balls.

The construction is very similar to the Chrome Soft X. However, the ball features greater ball speed robustness and lower spin, which equates to greater forgiveness.

This makes the Chrome Soft X LS the ball of choice for golfers with fast swing speeds, but who are looking for a forgiving ball. Golfers no longer have to compromise on distance and green feel for the forgiveness they are looking for. 

Choosing the Best Ball for You

Hopefully, our overviews of each ball can help you decide which ball is best for you. Callaway has also created some informational charts to help you decide as well. 

If you still find yourself confused or conflicted then please check out Callaway’s golf ball online selector tool HERE 


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