Vendors Night Out

Haggin Oaks Hosts a Vendors Night Out Event at Creekside

Vendors Night Out is an event organized by Alexis Johnson Events, one of Sacramento’s many vendors. Vendors Night Out is meant to be an exciting social event for vendors to attend as guests rather than a host. The event took place at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex in Creekside and featured great food, dancing, and even a bounce house!

Why Start Vendors Night Out

All of Sacramento’s vendors work tirelessly to make sure their clients have an amazing event, no one knows better than the vendors themselves. This is why Alexis Johnson Events decided to switch things up and put on an event for the Vendors of Sacramento. Vendors Night Out is a fun event for vendors to socialize, meet other vendors, and attend an event without the pressure of hosting it. Alexis Johnson Events is creating a space for vendors to have a break and a fun night out.

The Night of the Event

When the night finally arrived, vendors were delighted to have a smoothly run and well-organized event hosted all for them. The event had an amazing selection of food with charcuterie boards, pastries, and custom Vendors Night Out cookies. The environment was welcoming and relaxing as it provided an opportunity for vendors to let down and socialize with one another. As it grew later into the night, Vendor’s night out turned into a dance party. If dancing isn’t your thing, there was a bounce house for all of the guests at Vendors Night Out. The event was well orchestrated and ran smoothly thanks to Alexis Johnson Events.

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