Top 4 Craziest ILLEGAL Golf Clubs

The USGA creates rules and regulations for golf equipment. These regulations restrict the designs and elements that manufacturers can create. However, some individuals and companies come up with golf clubs that are non-conforming to USGA regulations and therefore, illegal in professional play.

We found some of the craziest and most unique non-conforming clubs on this list!

  1. Dead Aim 3-DB Belly Mallet Putter

Now the Dead Aim 3-DB Belly mallet putter is not inherently illegal to use. The standard version actually has an incredibly unique loft and lie alignment system that conforms to USGA regulations. It is a mallet-style putter machined out of 431 soft stainless steel. In order to assist with putting practice, Dead Aim has constructed various compatible training aids. These aids include a center strike putter clip. Most importantly though, one of these training aids is a laser guide that attaches to the top of the putter. Dead Aim clearly does not intend for it to be used during a tournament because this feature is highly illegal. It does make for an amazing addition to our list though!

  1. MAZEL Sand Wedge

We have covered the purpose of grooves on a wedge before. To summarize, the grooves exist to aid in friction and also channel water and debris away from the clubface. What if these grooves went completely through the clubhead? Well MAZEL has answered that question by creating their unique sand wedge. These grooves are highly illegal as they do not conform to the USGA guidelines for grooves. However, they most likely shed debris extraordinarily well and produce an immense amount of frictions. The thorough design also means you could easily sharpen the groove edges on your own with a file or sharpening tool. 

  1. Juggernaut XXL 515cc Driver

The USGA has capped the maximum displacement of a driver. They have also capped the face characteristics and maximum club length. These three factors work together to limit the forgiveness and distance that players can expect from a golf driver. The limits were implemented to maintain the difficulty of the game. Otherwise, players would continue to drive the ball farther and farther. While manufacturers find creative ways to work around these requirements, our testing has shown that breaking the rules does lead to better performance. The Juggernaut XXL 515CC driver does not have the build quality or consistency you could expect from a name-brand driver. However, it would make an excellent driving range toy or to bring out to impress your friends! 

  1. Divnick Adjustable Loft Telescopic Golf Club

What if someone made a golf club that can be every golf club? Well, Divnick has tackled that problem. This design is extremely non-conforming. The telescopic design means that the Divnick Adjustable golf club is the perfect travel club. If you only have room for half a golf club, this is literally your only option. It folds down small, and the loft can be adjusted to be practically any club you want. Despite being illegal, this is a design that makes a lot of realistic sense. 

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