Titleist ProV1 Or ProV1x Which Is Best For You?

With the release of the new Titleist ProV1 and ProV1x, the biggest question we get is “which ball should I choose?” Well here is your answer!

Golf product expert, Ken Morton Jr. recently broke down all of the new innovations in these golf balls and the key differences between the two, as well as which would be the best fit for different types of golfers, and you can learn it all in this short video!

When it comes to choosing between these golf balls, the biggest element that you need to pay attention to is how high you usually hit the ball.

If you hit it higher, usually as a result of faster swing speeds and higher spin rates, then the ProV1 would probably be the better ball for you.

If you typically hit the ball lower, due to slower swing speeds or lower spin rates, then the ProV1x will be better for you out on the course.

Now, these balls also come with some awesome new features that are pretty similar between both balls, including:

Player Benefits:

  • Longer Distance with Consistent Flight
  • Very Low Long Game Spin and Penetrating Trajectory
  • Increased Drop-and-Stop™ Short Game Control
  • Softer Feel

Multi-Component Technology with Performance Benefits:

  • Reformulated 2.0 ZG Process Core Increases Distance
  • Faster Casing Layer Adds Speed and Lowers Long Game Spin
  • New, Softer Cast Urethane Elastomer Cover Increases Greenside Spin
  • New Spherically-tiled 388 Tetrahedral Dimple Design Delivers Penetrating and Consistent Flight

Technology Features:

  • Softer Cast Urethane Elastomer Cover System
  • Faster Low Spin Casing Layer
  • Reformulated 2.0 ZG Process Core
  • New Spherically-Tiled 388 Tetrahedral Dimple Design

Ready to get a dozen of your own?

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