This one tip will greatly improve your golf game.

The “Hockey” practice drill is a must try during your next practice session at the Driving Range.

Recently, we spent some time with our Apprentice Professional Hank Vereschzagin to create a video that explains how to incorporate this drill into your game. This is what he had to say.

“There are many ways we can practice, but some of them can be detrimental to improvement. When we go to a session, whether it is the range or practice green, we should have at least two goals. These factors we have decided are most important to us are the highlight of the session. Ben Hogan discussed writing them down before leaving to practice and then grading how well you stayed true to that goal upon returning.”

“Let’s say we want to improve contact. When you arrive at the range do you remember your goal or did it become a show of strength or speed (I hit 100 balls in 25 minutes)? If something goes a little awry, did we become frustrated and give up or did we step back and do a couple of drills to regain our form? Are we trying to feel what our bodies are doing during the swing and tapping into whether it is working or not? Are you hesitant to go to the range to practice because of fear of what others may see or that it might not be that great of a session (trust me, I have times on the range I would rather forget, but they were great learning tools.”

Go through as many clubs as you can during practice to see how it works out for you. If you are interested in getting lessons or scheduling a club fitting, feel free to contact Hank at 916-808-2531 or via email:

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