The Mystery Writer

by Frank LaRosa, Golf to Go

Gary Gerould, the celebrated radio announcer for the Sacramento Kings, and I are extremely fortunate to have been named Honorary Members of the El Macero Country Club located on the other side of the Causeway from Sacramento. We have teed it up numerous times and very much enjoy the experience and the opportunity.

El Macero Country Club Scorecard

On a particular recent Sunday morning, Gary and I approached the first tee at El Macero as a twosome and introduced ourselves to the twosome paired with us. We were greeted with a big smile as one of the players exclaimed, “My two best friends from high school were named Gary and Frank!” My first thought was, “this is going to be a good day.”

We learned that our friend was a graduate of Justin Siena High School. While I didn’t learn anything about his fellow alum and NFL Quarterback Tom Brady, I did learn that our playing partner is an acclaimed mystery writer named John Lescroart pronounced Les-Kwaa.

John Lescroart – The Mystery Writer

Lescroart has sold more than twelve million copies of his books which have been translated into 22 languages in 75 countries and he is planning on releasing his 30th novel this year.

While waiting on the tee during the round or even when looking for each other’s golf balls gone astray on the tree-lined course, I learned a bit more about the New York Times bestselling author.

About golf, Lescroart explained that he doesn’t get a chance to play as much as he would like but he very much enjoys the camaraderie and the chance to relax with friends.

I now know that while the perfect greens at El Macero can be challenging, the whodunnit author finds that writer’s block would concern him more than making a downhill, double-breaking putt.

I asked the novelist which character in his books would best exemplify his golf game. A wry smile crossed his face and without missing a beat, he cried “All of the dead ones!” Smiles all around.

The point here is that golf is a glorious game that obviously affords time for some conversation. It gives us opportunities to peek into each other’s lives. And it gives us occasion to delight in California’s stunning outdoors in a splendid park-like setting.

In more than 40 years of playing this game of golf, I never tire of greeting someone on the first tee and expecting to learn something.

And that’s no mystery!

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