The Internet’s Most Asked PING Golf Questions Finally Answered!

As golfers start to explore new brands or look for that next set with their favorite brand, they naturally have a lot of questions as we’re sure that you do!

So we decided to do a little research about one of the most popular brands in golf, PING, to see what people are searching for online.

Ultimately we found some great questions and decided to give them answers for you. Read below to have your current PING questions answered!

What are the best PING golf clubs? 

Ultimately there is no best golf clubs as different models for different types of players, preferences, different types of players skill levels. 

First there are the blueprint irons, which is PING’s very elite players club. 

It has a very small head, it’s a forged club and you’ve got to really be on the spot here when you hit it. 

But some of the benefits are phenomenal for the more advanced players including an incredible feel and workability. 

However, this club is certainly not for the masses. 

Next, they have a club called the PING iBlade, which also has a blad look and is also for more advanced golfers.

Many of the PING tour players and skilled amateur players use that club, and that gives you the benefit of the true blade look, the workability with less offset, and also very good feel. 

From there we move on to the i210 irons which are the transitional model from the players club to the game improvement club which is the G model which is currently the G410 game improvement irons.

However, the i210 is a really nice club because it has a lot of forgiveness, it has a good-sized cavity with perimeter weighting, but it has the traditional look of a player’s club so it’s a very nice blend. 

Then we move into the G model which is the G410 which is PING’s best selling, most popular model. 

The G410 irons have as the traditional amount of PING offset although it’s a progressive offset, so the wedges have less and the long irons have more which makes it a really versatile club for a lot of players. 

And then they have their new clubs, the Super Game improvement irons in the new G710 irons. 

The G710 is a hollow design that gives you more ball speed and more distance because the face acts like a trampoline giving you a lot of that spring effect. 

This club has a larger head so you can make up for off center hits because it has a larger sweet spot and a smaller moment of inertia. 

It’s super forgiving, easy to use, and people are really loving it even though it’s only been out a couple of months.

The G710 is a black club with a dark finish making it look very sleek and despite it having one of the largest heads on the market it actually looks sleek and small due to the design.

There is also the i500 Club and that’s also a hollow design with a smaller head and more of a blade look.

It has the look of an iBlade, but it’s more forgiving than an iBlade because of the hollow design, which gives you the perimeter weighting.

The i500 and the G710 are the two hollow design models with the main benefit of greater ball speed and distance because of the spring effect that the hollow club head creates.  

PING also has the lady’s model which is the G Le2, which is specifically designed for ladies and is a very similar design to the G410 with different shafts a color option to better-fit swing speeds and preferred style. 

Does PING still make golf clubs? 

Yes, they have been in production since 1959. 

In fact, one really unique thing about PING is that if you own an older model, PING has a serialized all of their clubs ever made and have complete records of the specs so you can get even decade-old clubs replaced.

What is the latest PING golf club?

The latest model is the G710 super game improvement irons which came out in February of 2020.

This club features a hollow design and larger club head creating exceptional forgiveness and distance. 

In fact this is the most forgiving and longest hitting irons that ping has ever made!

Which PING irons are the most forgiving? 

Going back to the original answer, right now PING has one of the most forgiving irons on the market with the G710 super game improvement irons.

With its large clubhead, extreme perimeter weighting, and hollow design it is by far one the most forgiving iron and is perfect for new golfers. 

Are ping clubs good.

In our opinion, YES! 

In fact they are incredible. 

PING prides itself on being the leading engineering company in the development industry. 

Their founder, Karsten Solheim, was like the Thomas Edison of golf. 

He basically invented perimeter weighted clubs, he invented heel toe weighted putters, and even was one of the leading pioneers on club fitting. 

PING has been the catalyst for some of golfs greatest innovations and stays on the forefront by prioritizing engineering, quality and innovation over almost anything else.

Which pro golfers use PING clubs. 

They have dozens of them in the golf world right now. 

From Sacramento, they’ve got a young player named Cameron Champ who’s an upcoming superstar.

Bubba Watson also plays PING, Lee Westwood, Luis Kazan, and an additional PGA Tour staff of about 25 to 30 players, a European tour staff of 20 players and an LPGA Tour staff of about 40 players.

Overall, there are a lot of tour players that play PING.  

Is PING Coming out with a new driver in 2020? 

The answer to that question is no. 

Although they did come out with a driver in late 2019, the Ping G410 LST model. 

They were initially slated to have a new model come out in the fall of 2020, but as a result of the shut downs due to COVID-19, that introduction is going to be pushed back to early 2021. 

Is PING coming out with new irons in 2020? 

PING did release the G710 super game improvement irons in February of 2020, and don’t have another irons release coming for another year or two. 

Is PING coming out with any new irons in 2021.

Yes, all the details can’t be shared right now, but keep an eye out for a new model from the PING G line. 

This is the main game improvement line of irons from PING and it looks like they do have some new clubs in the works. 

Ultimately, those are the most asked questions about PING right now.

Did you get your questions answered or do you have more that you would like answered?

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