The Importance of Wearing Sunglasses on the Golf Course

ESPN 1320’s Frank LaRosa, host of Golf To Go, talks about the importance of wearing sunglasses out on the golf course and the #1 seller, Oakley.

There are many documented reasons to wear sunglasses outdoors, including the need for UV protection, reducing the risk of macular degeneration and preventing skin cancer. Now that we know that sunglasses are important, it is time to focus on looking good out on the course.

Nobody protects your image better than Oakley sunglasses. According to LaRosa, “Oakley delivers inventions wrapped in art. While they are making you look cool, they’re also giving you high definition optics, serious impact protection, 100% UV protection and even prescription lenses.”

In addition, Oakley offers lenses made specifically for playing golf that block the blue light. They also offer a hydrophobic lens coating that creates a smudge-resistant barrier. Oakley’s wide range of frames are lightweight, durable and stylish.

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