TaylorMade R15 Metal Woods Launching Soon

TaylorMade Golf R Series is Back with the R15 

“We are excited to reveal what I am confident will be yet another pivotal moment in the history of TaylorMade with the launch of our newest metalwood lineup.” -Ben Sharpe, CEO TaylorMade-adidas Golf


TaylorMade’s new R15 line, which includes new drivers, fairway woods and hybrids, will build on the company’s primary metal wood technologies of a center of gravity positioned low and forward for less spin and improved energy transfer. The company is calling this lineup its “most technologically sophisticated, high-performance metal wood franchise ever.”

taylormade-R15-Driver-350The R15, which will be made available in both white and black versions, features a sole channel with two independently movable 12.5-gram weights. The sole channel, or “speed pocket,” allows players to position weight in draw or fade settings, as well as positioning the weights in either a middle position or extreme heel and toe locations for improved stability. According to the company, more than 75 percent of the clubhead’s total mass is in the front of the driver.

The R15 features a lower and more forward center of gravity (CG), to promote higher launch and lower spin. The Front Track system performs like a Speed Pocket, reducing spin and increasing the size of the sweet spot, and the 4° loft sleeve along with new sliding split weights make dialing in your tee shots easier than ever—slide the weights to center for max distance, heel for max draw, toe for max fade, or split them for max stability.


The R15 line includes fairway woods (15, 16.5, 19, 20.5 degrees) and hybrids. The adjustable fairway woods feature the same sole opening but with one sliding 25-gram weight to effect a draw or fade bias. Like the driver, the adjustable hosel can be set to one of 12 positions at plus/minus two degrees of loft. The hybrid or Rescue features a more compact 99cc head size and the neutral bias preferred by better players.

The new Taylormade R15 metalwoods will arrive at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop in Sacramento on January 9, 2015. Call 916-808-2526 to reserve or pre-order  HERE.

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