Pace of Play at Haggin Oaks

Pace of Play

We have all been there before: You are standing on 5th green on the Mackenzie course at Haggin Oaks and your friend is analyzing their putt from every angle, and you kindly ask, “Are we in the US Open?” We all know slow play can be very frustrating on the golf course.

The beauty of golf is that it is a sport that helps to get you outside and forget about the worries of the world around you. Time is something that we do not necessarily always think about on the course, and we hope you are not looking at your phone checking the time too much either. Rather, you should be enjoying your time on the course as well as your friends, and the scenery.

However, ‘Pace of Play’ is very important to our staff and volunteers here at Haggin Oaks. Pace has been calculated based on 4 golfers and starts with the first tee shot and ends on a hole when the last person putts out. We are committed to getting all our golfers around in NCGA rated time of 2 hours and 15 minutes for 9-holes and 4 hours and 28 minutes for 18 holes. On average, it should take approximately 15 minutes per hole, so if you are standing on the 5th tee on Mackenzie or Arcade an hour after your tee time you are in great shape.

Haggin Oaks has a dedicated team of volunteers and staff to help you get around and to keep you informed on your Pace of Play and will occasionally ask for the groups help in picking up the pace.
A couple of tips to help you get around on time are simple and easy to implement.

1) Play Ready Golf. The NCGA has eliminated the furthest away plays first. If it is safe to hit, play away.
2) If two to a cart, drop your buddy off and go to your ball to and hit your shot.
3) After putting out, go to the next tee and hit your tee shot.

If you follow these simple tips and stay up with the group in front of you, you will get around on time and consequently play better.

To learn more about PGA guidelines for Pace of Play click here.

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