Our Gift to You! FREE Christmas Soda in the Haggin Oaks Super Shop

Beginning on Friday December 9th, the Super Shop is offering a treat to our valued customers inside the Super Shop. We’ve imported Scandinavian Christmas Soda (it’s kind of a cross between cola and root beer) and we’ll be handing it out FREE to customers while they last!

This specialty soda has a long and successful history in Sweden. Traditionally sold and served only during the holidays, Julmust has been a favorite among adults and kids since its creation in 1910. Rumor has it that kids are so enamored of it that they hoard and stash away the drink to be enjoyed later in the year. Vicki Mirabile, marketing manager for the soda’s distributor Chicago Importing Company, says it consistently outsells Coca-Cola during the holiday season. Want to try it for yourself? Hurry into the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop and we’ll treat you to one!  Happy Holidays!

The Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop is located at 3645 Fulton Avenue in Sacramento, CA 95821. Call us at 916-481-GOLF (4653).

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