New Superintendent at Bing Maloney Makes Course Improvements

Bing Maloney has a new superintendent and changes to the golf course are already showing vast improvements.

Muhammed Ali began working at Bing Maloney in November 2017. He came on board at a crucial time for the golf facility, because the facility experienced a great deal of flooding with the wet winter of 2017. During this previous summer, once the weather had dried out it was time to figure out what went wrong the previous winter. It was soon discovered that the drainage system had collapsed across the front nine, creating water that backed up onto the course. This water had no place to go and could not drain properly. This was rectified in June 2017 when the course received some much needed TLC and had a new 18-inch drainage pipe installed across holes 2, 4, 6 and 7.

In January, we received close to four inches of rain in less than a 24-hour period and this was our first real opportunity to see how the new drainage system performed. The course literally had a river flowing across the front nine, but less than 96 hours later, the entire Bing Maloney Golf Course was well-drained and open for play, including the front nine. Normally, with that amount of rain, the front nine would have been shut down for several weeks. The drainage project at Bing Maloney has proven to be a HUGE SUCCESS!

The course is now draining better than ever. The small amounts of rain we have received this past winter have not shut down the facility or severely impacted the play at Bing Maloney. We would like to invite you to come back and see for yourself the improved playing conditions at Bing Maloney.

Looking forward to 2018, there are more exciting changes in store for the golf course at Bing Maloney.


Ali will soon be working on installing new irrigation heads to have better watering coverage for this upcoming spring and summer. He plans on replacing 75-100 irrigation heads around the greens and green complexes in the coming weeks.

Another focus for our new Superintendent has been tree trimming and the removal of the dead trees from the course. To date, he has removed 15 dead trees and there are plans to remove an additional 10-15 before the end of February. The trees that are being removed are either dead or are diseased and this will improve the safety and course layout. He has also addressed low hanging trees and made the overall environment much more pleasant for our golfers.

In 2018, you can also expect to play faster greens. Ali has a new maintenance program in place to enhance our green mower cut which will provide a better roll. Also, we have purchased bamboo whips to brush any leftover cuttings on the greens to enhance play.

Based on customer feedback, we are addressing your concerns over some of the tee boxes not being properly aligned. This will be fixed in the coming months as Ali focuses on aligning them. This spring, we will also patch the cart paths and fill in any uneven surfaces for a smoother ride. This will also make walking from the cart path to the tee box more accessible.

Are you ready to see the changes for yourself? Click HERE to book a tee time and enjoy everything that the Bing Maloney Golf Complex has to offer.

The Bing Maloney Golf Complex is located at 6801 Freeport Blvd. in Sacramento, CA. Call 916-808-2283 for more information or visit

This article was written by Jennifer Morton, Marketing Manager for Morton Golf, with assistance from Andrew Wilson, General Manager of the Bing Maloney Golf Complex, and Muhammed Ali, Superintendent for Bing Maloney. Jennifer appreciates your comments, feedback and suggestions and can be reached via email at


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