Morton Golf Foundation Volunteer Fun Day

Last week we invited our Morton Golf Foundation volunteers out to Haggin Oaks for our annual give back day. Celebrating our wonderful volunteers who made a huge difference to our program this year.

Putt & Hula Hoop 001Putt & Hula Hoop 001putting_contestThe Mackenzie Putting Course provided the backdrop to our first event, the putting tournament!  Eleven of our volunteers were able to make it out to Haggin Oaks for the contest.

With a score of 25, Brandon Chou, age 8 was our winner today.

Next up?  A good old fashioned hula hoop contest, requiring a special blend of a good beat and a calm, steady presence.  It’s a battle of finesse, grace and coordination!

Our winner of the day, Isamu Kawaguchi, age 14, was able to spin his hula hoop for a whopping 20 seconds!

Way to go, gentlemen!

In reality the BIGGEST winner continues to be Morton Golf Foundation because we really do have the BEST volunteers.

Golf is an amazing sport—part recreation, part character building, part competition. Because of its innate nature, golf promotes the values of courtesy, honesty, and respect for others. Golf also teaches sportsmanship,  taking personal responsibility,  perseverance and the building of self-confidence.

What is the Morton Golf Foundation?

MortonGolfFoundation_logoThe Morton Golf Foundation Mission is to provide funds to programs offering a healthy outdoor recreational environment that stresses the building of lasting personal relationships while seamlessly instilling life’s core values for the youth, disabled and underserved communities of Sacramento.

The Morton Golf Foundation is a 501c3 organization that raises funds for golf programs in the Sacramento community.  The Morton Golf Foundation vision is to enrich the lives of the less fortunate through the great game of golf.

For additional information about the Morton Golf Foundation, please contact our Marketing and Events Coordinator, Jane Siebers at 3645 Fulton Ave., Sacramento, CA 95821.  You may also reach her by phone at (916) 808-0969 or by email at

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