January Specials at Mackenzie’s Sports Bar and Grille

Ring in the New Year with one of our January Specials all month long at Mackenzie’s Sports Bar and Grille!

Our January food specials in MacKenzie’s Sports Bar and Grille are going to tempt your taste buds this month! The days may be a bit shorter and a little colder, but we have amazing food specials to lure you into the restaurant before and after your next round at Haggin Oaks.

Morning people, stop in and try the Denver Scramble. You can’t go wrong starting your day with a scramble. A hearty dish that will keep you going all day long. The individual ingredients of eggs, potatoes, ham bell peppers and cheese intermix into a potpourri of flavors.

The Croque Madame has the charm of a small French bistro in each bite. The saltiness of the ham is offset by the yolk of the eggs that act as it’s own sauce to balance this dish. It pairs best with a simple salad. Definitely a knife and fork kind of sandwich.

Our Cajun Tilapia Salad  is a tropical delight. Boasting both savory and sweet flavors, best when you load your fork with fish, tomatoes, pineapple and onion for the perfect bite. Mild tilapia fillets are dusted with a bold Cajun spice rub, then seared until crisp and flavorful on the exterior and tender and flaky within.

The buttered bun and pickles are crucial to the chicken slider sandwich, but without a doubt, the thing that makes this little guy so delicious is the chicken. The perfect balance of crunchy and juicy a sure-fire winner for only $1.25!

Breakfast – Served before 11:00 am
Denver Scramble – $7.99
Three eggs with country potatoes, onion red and green bell peppers, ham topped with melted jack and cheddar cheese. Served with a side of toast.

Buck and a Quarter Special – Served after 11:00 am
Chicken Sliders – $1.25
Crunchy fried chicken on a toasted bun with honey mustard and pickles on the side.

Sandwich Special
Croque Madame – $8.25
Grilled Sourdough bread, thinly sliced ham, bechamel sauce, Swiss cheese topped with a fried egg.

Salad Special
Cajun Tilapia Salad- $10.25
Spinach and springmix mixed with fresh pineapple, cucumber, tomaotes and red onions tossed with a pineapple-lime vinaigrette. Topped with a grilled Cajun spiced tilapia filet.

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