How to Practice Golf?

Its a question that has no easy answer. How to practice golf? There are a million different strategies and programs to improve your golf game. Today we will cover a few main places to practice golf. It is helpful to try them out and find out what works best for you.

Driving Range

Haggin Oaks Golf Complex Driving Range

The driving range is probably the first place golfers think of when they think of practicing. The range provides an opportunity for golfers to hit many shots in a controlled environment. This can be an excellent opportunity to work out any draws or fades a golfer may be experiencing. Additionally, driving ranges are often open very late. While the rest of the golf course is closed, driving ranges are usually busy and bustling. Driving ranges make excellent places to practice after work or after the sun has gone down. However, driving ranges may be too controlled.

Practice Green

Practice greens are excellent places to work on short game skills. Most courses feature at least one practice green on their facility. Haggin Oaks has a few different ones. Unlike driving ranges, practice greens are more similar to actual golfing experiences. Feel free to bring a number of balls and do putting drills. Likewise, you can practice some close wedge shots. Hone your short game skills. After all, that is where most golfers could make their biggest improvement.

Academy Holes

Here at Haggin Oaks, we have tried to combine the benefits of a range and practice green together. On our facility, we have created 3 practice “Academy” holes. Available to rent by the hour or half hour, these holes provide the most authentic way to practice golf. Hit shots off the tee, fairway, or bring your short game up to par. You can even practice your sand shots. Unlike driving ranges or practice greens, the Academy holes are real golf holes. It gives golfers a unique opportunity to work on their game.


The last and probably most important way to practice we will talk about is lessons. There is a lot of progress a golfer can make by racking up practice time. However, that process can be greatly sped up with the help of a golfing professional. Having an experienced and knowledgeable set of eyes helping sharpen your golf game is invaluable.

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