How to Play Hole 5 at Haggin Oaks Golf Course

The MacKenzie Golf Course is an 18-hole course measuring a respectable 7030-yards from the back tees. Hole 5 is short par 4 with two bunkers.

Mike Woods is the PGA Director of Golf, one of our Morton Golf Partners, and the Morton Golf Foundation Vice President. He has been with the Haggin Oaks team since 1990. In 1996, Woods was named the Head Golf Professional at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex.

In this video, Mike Woods explains the best way to play Hole 5. Check it out!

Playing the hole

When approaching Hole 5 tee up on the right side of the tee box and aim left, down the fairway. There is a bunker at the end on the left side, aim at the left side of that left bunker to line up your next shot.

At your second shot, notice the greens are higher than the fairway. In the video, Mike measured 115 yards to the pin, but you will want to add about 5 yards to account for the height of the greens.

Take your shot and aim just past the pin, then you should be set to putt.

Just in case

If you, like many golfers, land in the sand traps on either side of the green, you will need to know a few things. In this video, Mike played out of the right bunker.

First, there are two types of sand to look for: white fluffy sand or brown hard dirt. At hole 5 you will be playing in the white fluffy sand.

To play this shot take your sand wedge and open up the face, this allows the bounce of your club to glide through the sand.

Next, line yourself up and aim well left of the pin. Your ball will travel towards the pin when you do this.

Last, hit about an inch behind the ball and take a nice full swing. Even though the shot is only ten yards, it takes a full swing to get it there.

Once you’re out of the sand, you should be set for an easy putt.

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