Introducing Hopkins Golf at Haggin Oaks

Introducing Hopkins Golf Wedges at Haggin Oaks – For a Limited Time, Buy the CJ1 Wedge, Get a Dozen FREE VL Pro Golf Balls.

Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop is excited to be one of 12 initial retail locations partnering with Hopkins Golf. To celebrate this partnership we are offering a dozen FREE VL Pro Golf Balls when you purchase the CJ1 Wedge now until December 25, 2014.

Hopkins Golf mission is to provide amateur golfers with a way to create their own custom clubs, they way Tour players do. They have determined which custom wedge grinds are best suited for the exact conditions in each region. Most of the courses in each region of the United States have very similar types of grass and turf conditions and, therefore, play the same way.  A custom grind on the sole of a wedge is designed to create more options around the green.

cj1_tourrawCJ-1 WEDGE

Tour Authentic Wedge at a fantastic price $129.99!

The grooves on the CJ-1 have maximum
USGA dimensions for greatest achievable spin.
The CJ-1 milled face pattern creates maximum
surface roughness for even more spin.

The CJ-1 is made from 8620 carbon steel and comes in 3 finishes.
Satin Chrome
The Satin Chrome CJ-1 has a brushed chromed finish to reduce glare and to prevent the clubhead from rusting.
Tour Raw
The Tour Raw CJ-1 is the most popular finish among Tour players. It is unchromed for great feel and is designed to rust over time.
Black Satin
The Black Satin CJ-1 has a chromed dark finish to reduce glare and to prevent the clubhead from rusting.
*not available left handed


With over 3 TRILLION options, you can customize your wedge to fit your game with grinds, shafts, personalization and more.

5334f473a7155pro_ballVL PRO GOLF BALLS

The VL Pro are Surlyn covered three-piece balls provide the best performance for most of us because they’re long off the tee and they’re still soft around the green. They’re white, round and they perform just as well or better than all of the other balls in this category and they are at an unbelievable price of $19.99 per dozen.


Energy core for long distance.

Resilient multilayer core for an optimized launch from driver to wedge shots.

Advanced surlyn cover formula for greenside performance and soft feel.

Aerodynamic dimple design for a penetrating ball flight.

Come into the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop to customize your Hopkins Wedge to your exact specifications, or online from HERE .

Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop is located at 3645 Fulton Ave in Sacramento, CA.

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