Haggin Oaks’ Nick Wallace is Heading to FootGolf World Cup in Morocco!

The U.S. FootGolf team is heading to Marrakech for FootGolf World Cup 2018 and our very own talented Nick Wallace is on the team! 

You’ve probably seen Nick Wallace if you’ve ever come into the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop. Little did you know, Nick Wallace is a talented FootGolf player and is on the American FootGolf team. Even more impressive: they’re so good they’re on their way to the World Cup! The competition will be from December 9-16 and streaming online. Hopefully, we’ll see Nick!

Watch Nick Wallace explain his background with FootGolf and his plans to head over to Marrakech to compete next week:

This is the third edition of the FootGolf World Cup, and it seems like it’ll be a big one! It’ll last one full week and will have between 400 and 500 players from 37 different countries. 

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