Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop’s Marcus Kiel Unveils The New Titleist 910 D2 & D3 Drivers

With the launch of its 910 D2 and 910 D3 drivers, Titleist brings the Tour van experience to your fingertips. Now you can set loft and lie angle independently of one another, thanks to the versatile SureFit Tour (SFT) hosel with patented “dual angle” technology. Its two-axis system enables you to dial in proper launch, spin and direction. Some other adjustable drivers provide excellent directional correction (right or left) through face-angle adjustment but seem to have less effect on launch angle (trajectory) optimization.

There are 16 loft/lie combinations using the SFT hosel. Titleist’s robotic testing shows that differences in loft (1.5 degrees more loft than standard to 0.75 degrees less loft) result in an 825 rpm change in backspin and a 1.5-degree variation in launch angle. Tweaking lie angle (between 1.5 degrees upright to 0.75 degrees flat) produces six yards of dispersion change. These are serious numbers when you’re trying to optimize ball flight.

That’s not all. The “variable” face insert has a larger maximum ball-speed area than the corresponding 909 driver (15% bigger in 910 D2; 10% bigger in 910 D3). In addition, several factors contribute to enhanced stability, including a 17 percent thinner crown (lowers the club’s center of gravity); a more sloped rear crown profile (moves CG lower and deeper); and a new swingweight screw location (more rearward than in prior models).

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