Golf with the California Eagles as a Way to Give Back

Today’s blog article is written by Morton Golf Foundation member and volunteer, Todd Bollenbach.

Golf has been a part of my business life with peers and clients for several years now.   Additionally, golf has always been a way for me to spend quality time with my friends.   It is a game that allows me to work on myself, my concentration, my focus and my determination.   But these are things I have taken for granted and parts of my life that I just expect to be there and take place as I want them to.

I became involved with the Morton Golf Foundation because I saw the value in utilizing the game of golf as a way to give back to our community.   The several non-profits benefiting by the Morton Golf Foundation are a positive influence and healthy for all those that participate.   As a MGF Board Member, I began working with the California Eagles as a way to be a part of something unique and very fulfilling.   My eyes were opened as to how the game of golf and the sense of community can bring such joy to a wonderful group of people.

The California Eagles is a group of special needs individuals from all ages, specific to downs syndrome, autistic, blind or deaf.   And we work on all aspects of the game of golf, from the rules of play to putting, chipping and swinging.   I love to see how happy the participants are.   They are eager to learn, and always a smile on their faces.   They enjoy the interaction and the chance to get out and socialize.   Each one of the California Eagles beams with excitement.

I look forward to this time to volunteering because for that brief period, there is no stress, no work hassles, and no frustration.   There is only the happy laughter and giggling of one of the California Eagles. There is the encouragement I hear around me.   There is the positivity that moves throughout this group and there is selflessness of all those there.   These are key life lessons and I have learned so much from this group.   I greatly appreciate the chance to be involved.

The Morton Golf Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit corporation established and operated exclusively for charitable purposes. The Morton Golf Foundation vision is to enrich the lives of the less fortunate through the great game of golf. For more information on the Morton Golf Foundation, or to donate your time or money, please contact Jane Siebers at 916-808-0969 or via email at

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