Golf Putting Tips From Bing Maloney’s Jae Won

Jae Won, Teaching professional from Bing Maloney discusses tips for better putting.

Want to sink more putts? Check out these golf putting tips from Jae Won.

Jae enjoys teaching all levels of golfers. He empathizes the importance of basic fundamentals to be successful in the game of golf.  In this video, he talks about proper set up when putting there is a 3 step process. Step one; get a comfortable grip whether its interlocking your fingers or overlapping. Extend your arms in front of you once you have your grip. Step two, bring elbows in front of rib cage. Step three, bend from your waist. Try the simple three steps and putt with confidence.

Jae went to the University of California Davis. He is a very passionate teacher who approaches the swing to fit each individual. He has experience teaching golf to tournament players to very beginners. He worked in the Los Angeles area as a GOLFTEC teaching professional, specializing in motion sensor and video analysis. I have also spent time overseas in Seoul, Korea as a teaching professional at Jason Kang academy of Golf. I have an in-depth, knowledge of club fitting and I am also fluent in Korean.

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