Golf and Guitars Music Festival at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex raises $100,000.00 for Charity.

We are incredibly grateful for the chance to play a part in helping out so many people through the game of golf at this year’s Golf and Guitars Music Festival.

Our 12th year of Golf & Guitars was a real success. Artists and other participants such as Grant Napaer, Eric Gunderson, Drew Kennedy, Chris Roberts, Neal Morgan, Travis Simas, Matt Thomas, made a major contribution to several organizations and charities. The list includes Thistle Farms, Shine for Susie, the Mark McEvoy Foundation, Valor Collegiate Academy, St. Jude, and Youth for Christ.

Emotions were high at Golf & Guitars. There were a lot of tears of joy from many on stage as well as in the audience after some of the stories were told about the artist’s choice of charities. The artist’s faces lit up with joy when the announcements were made about the amount of money they were able to help raise. “This is what this event is all about” was mentioned several times by Ken Morton Jr. To say that this is just another charity concert would be an understatement. This event is truly making a difference for young and old alike.

“The more we know, the more we grow.” This is the reason why 21 educational scholarships received over $30,000.00. The Morton Golf Foundation truly believes in the future of the next generation. The recent High School Graduates that won Scholarships were very excited to receive over $1,000.00 each.

Golf & Guitars is a very special opportunity for the community to get together and enjoy music, food, and the game of Golf in a way that is changing the world. We hope that many more will be able to attend next year so they can help make a difference too.

Stay tuned on or connect with us on Facebook to find out when you can purchase tickets for 2020.

See you then!

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