Getting to Know Leah Woods – Junior Volunteer for the Morton Golf Foundation

Today’s blog article is brought to us by Jane Siebers, who runs our non-profit organization, the Morton Golf Foundation. The Morton Golf Foundation raises funds for golf programs that instill character building values such as courtesy, honesty, and respect for others to the youth, disabled and under-served in the Sacramento community.

Leah Woods, age 10, is the daughter of Mike Woods, Director of Golf for Haggin Oaks Golf Complex and Vice President of Morton Golf Foundation (MGF).   Leah stopped by her dad’s office one day after golf camp at Haggin Oaks and I happened to see her putting on the practice green while waiting for her dad. When I went over to talk to her, in the back of my mind I knew the Morton Golf Foundation was doing a fundraiser in a month and we needed a junior golfer to sing the National Anthem to kick it off.  Leah has such a bright smile and happy demeanor that as we got talking I asked her if she was a singer. She answered, “Yes, yes I am. I like to sing”.  I asked her if she would be up for the challenge of singing the National Anthem in front of about 100 golfers representing the Morton Golf Foundation. She looked brightly at me and answered, “I think I can.” I asked her to go home and think about it, practice the song and please get back to me with her answer.  In no time the answer came back to me as a YES! and Leah was off to practice.

The day came for the fund raising event and at 10:45 a.m. her mother, Leslie, her brother, Sean, and their friend, Andrew, arrived to cheer her on.  There were over 100 golfers present and ready to kick-off the event. Her dad, Mike Woods, took the microphone and announced proudly that Leah was his daughter and we were in for a treat. Leah sang the National Anthem with talent and enthusiasm. When she finished singing, the clapping was loud and even a golfer in the crowd yelled, “She’s ready for American Idol”.  A high five was given between Leah and her dad and we all couldn’t have been prouder of the job Leah did in singing and promoting the Morton Golf Foundation.

At the end of the day, we all are happy with the fund raising dollars created for our local youth, disabled and underserved but one of our greatest pleasures is giving kids the opportunity to shine.  Leah Woods was truly a winner and was shining when she finished singing this song. Our hats go off to Leah as she continues her singing career in the future.

The Morton Golf Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit corporation established and operated exclusively for charitable purposes. The vision of the Morton Golf Foundation is to enrich the lives of the less fortunate through the great game of golf. Click HERE to go to our website to learn more.

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