FREE Golf Clinic on Pitching (High and Soft Shots) on May 30 During Beer, BBQ and Balls

The Haggin Oaks Driving Range is hosting a FREE Golf Clinic on Friday, May 30 at 7pm. Join us as our golf coaches help you improve your golf game during our weekly Beer, BBQ and Balls Summer Celebration on the Driving Range which features fun and free activities every Friday and Saturday night all summer long.

Beer_BBQ_BallsOur FREE activity this Friday night is a pitching clinic that is all about giving you the keys to understand where you should be at impact of a pitch shot as well as understanding what wedges to use and why, such as what loft and bounce a player should be using. This concept is often misunderstood and in turn, people tend to choose the wrong wedge as well as mishit the ball, causing great inconsistent reaction of the ball on the green, leading to fewer up and downs. Proper alignment, set up, grip and a focus on the target will be stressed to give you the foundation to be more consistent and pitch the ball more solidly and softly on to the green.

The driving range is open 24 hours a day and has been voted one of America’s Top 100 Driving Ranges by Range Magazine. The Haggin Oaks Driving Range also features the Power Tee, a self-teeing system which is one of the most productive and enjoyable practice aids available to a golfer on today’s ranges.

Bring your friends, enjoy our weekly BBQ and beer specials and hit a few golf balls on the driving range or enjoy the brand new MacKenzie Putting Course located behind the Haggin Oaks Super Shop. The Haggin Oaks Driving Range is the perfect place to spend your weekend nights – all summer long!

The Haggin Oaks Driving Range is located at 3645 Fulton Avenue in Sacramento, CA. Call 916-481-GOLF (4653) for more information.

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