EPIC Rain Gear from the Greg Norman Collection


Today’s blog entry is brought to us from guest blogger Rachel with the Greg Norman Collection.

Have you ever been in the middle of a golf game and had a Ryder Cup-esque moment where your “waterproof” outerwear just couldn’t handle a downpour?  Then it’s time to meet the best rain gear you’ll ever buy… EPIC from Greg Norman Collection.

Currently used by the US Army, Epic’s patented technology has revolutionized the performance of breathable weather protective systems by allowing both moisture and air to escape through fabric creating up to 3x greater breathability than convectional weather protective apparel. So instead of focusing on how the rain is weighing you down, you can focus on playing a great game. The unique silicon technology encapsulates the fibers of the EPIC fabric and creates a web within the fabric that provides a barrier against water absorption.  You stay dry on the inside because EPIC keeps you dry on the outside.  The product has been worn, and loved, by PGA Tour players. Scott McCarron says, “Epic Outerwear by Greg Norman has been a game changer for me.  It provides a high level of comfort and performance when playing in the toughest weather we face on the PGA Tour.”

Completely windproof, waterproof, quick drying, air permeable, and 3x more breathable than all existing guaranteed waterproof fabrics?  Well, that’s just EPIC.

To find out more about this revolutionary fabric that is brought to you by Greg Norman Collection, watch a video HERE.

Now available in the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop.

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